Agar Safety Bleach Laundry Powder 10Kg

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Odour: No odour.

SAFETY BLEACH is an effective oxygen bleach/detergent powder which brightens colours, removes stains, and kills germs. It is used in the laundry and also as a pre-soaker in the kitchen.


SAFETY BLEACH conforms with all statutory environmental requirements. It is based on safe ingredients selected to perform efficiently so there is no waste or damage. SAFETY BLEACH is non-flammable has no added phosphates and contains biodegradable surfactants. Containers will be cleaned and re-used if returned to Agar Cleaning Systems Pty Ltd, significantly reducing plastic usage and waste. The containers can also be recycled.

Main Benefits

  • Sanitises and destains in one step.
  • Safe on coloured fabrics – will not bleach colours.
  • Anti-bacterial laundry powder designed for general washing where the wash temperatures required for thermal disinfection are not available.

How does it work?

The active oxygen in SAFETY BLEACH provides a sanitising action for killing germs in the washed garments and in the washing machine. It is therefore suitable for cleaning and sanitising all washable garments, including nappies.

For use on…

SAFETY BLEACH is a safe and effective oxygen bleach for use as a brightener for washing clothes and as a soaker for removing hard-to-shift stains. The safe oxygen bleach can be used to remove stains from cotton, polyester, linen, acrylic and synthetic blends and will not affect colour-fast dyes.


Laundry Chemical disinfection: Add 250grams (1 cup) of SAFETY BLEACH per 50L of water at 40oC or higher. Soak the clothes in this solution for 5-10 minutes before starting the wash cycle. SAFETY BLEACH may be used in front-loaders, top loaders and commercial washing machines.

Laundry Pre-soaker and Stain Remover: Add 125 to 200 grams of SAFETY BLEACH per 20L of hot water (but for egg, chocolate, gravy, blood, and milk-based stains, use COLD water). Soak garments for 4 to 8 hours, then launder. Do not soak metal buttons or zips and always check garments are colourfast before soaking. CAUTION: SAFETY BLEACH is not for use on woollens, silks, denims or fabrics which are not colourfast.

Laundry Brightener for the Wash: Add 70 grams (1/3 of a cup) of SAFETY BLEACH to small machines or 150 grams (¾ of a cup) for large machines or when there is heavy soilage or hard water. Add the SAFETY BLEACH to the wash with the usual detergent.

Carpet Stain Remover and Deodoriser: Dissolve 6 to 10 grams (1 to 2 teaspoons) of SAFETY BLEACH in 1L of warm water. Apply the solution to the stain after testing that the carpet is colourfast on an inconspicuous small area. Allow to activate for 5 - 10 minutes then extract, rinse with clean water and extract again. The solution may be left in contact for several hours to remove persistent stains.

Kitchen Destainer: Dissolve 200 grams in 20L water (1:100) for an excellent remover of tea, coffee and food stains. Safe on plasticware, silverware and glassware.

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