Agar Shower Star Environmental Friendly

Size: 750ml Empty Bottle
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Odour: Citrus


Shower Star is a concentrated bathroom cleaner with naturally occurring mildew and mould killers in the formula.


Shower Star provides excellent cleaning power along with fantastic environmental credentials, including biodegradable surfactants, all-natural & renewable ingredients, organic acid ingredients and no added phosphates or chlorine. It is also GECA-certified.

Key Benefits:

  • Destroys mould & mildew.
  • No scrubbing needed.
  • Rinsing is not normally required.
  • Citrus-based power & fragrance.
  • GECA-certified.

For use on…

SHOWER STAR is excellent on showers and baths but also finds use in cleaning basins, taps, vanity units (not marble), urinals, toilets and porcelain tiles.


SHOWER STAR cleans the whole bathroom:

Showers & Baths:  For heavy build-ups, use SHOWER STAR 50 parts plus 50 parts water for the initial clean. Allow a few minutes to attack fat and soap scum, then scrub and rinse off – OR – just spray the foam on and leave it. If it is used every day, SHOWER STAR can be diluted to 1:10. Do not use on terrazzo shower bases.

Toilets & Urinals:   Use neat or dilute up to 1 part in 5 parts with water. Apply 40ml per toilet bowl. Leave for a few minutes to attack any build up. Scrub well if bowl is rusty or heavily soiled. Rinse toilet seat with clean water after cleaning.

Basins, Benches & Taps:  Dilute SHOWER STAR to 1 in10 parts with water. Apply the solution to the surface, sponge, or mop to remove soil, then rinse and wipe dry. (Do not use on marble bench tops).

SHOWER STAR may change the colour of metallic brass; so, make sure brass taps have a clear coating on them before use.

Washroom Floors & Walls: Dilute SHOWER STAR from 1 in 50 parts waters for heavy build up, to 1 in 100 parts waters for normal cleaning. Mop ceramic and porcelain tiles with this solution. Do not use on marble or terrazzo floors, use pH-7 instead. You may need to scrub the grouting to remove heavy black soilage. Both painted and tiled walls may be cleaned with SHOWER STAR to prevent the growth of mildew. Please test on paintwork before use.

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