Agar Spa Clean

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Odour: Lemon Fragrance.

SPA CLEAN is a cleaner and sanitiser for use in removing fats, oils and debris from spa bath pipes.

Main Benefits

  • Emulsifies all fats and debris from inside the pipes.
  • Kills germs to provide good hygiene – protects your guests.
  • Provides a pleasing, fresh perfume while in use.

How does it work?

People bathing in warm water naturally shed some body fats, skin cells and hair which may accumulate in the pipes under the bath. SPA CLEAN attacks fat, soap, hair and debris from inside the pipes. The recirculating pump moves the solution into the bath so it can be drained away. SPA CLEAN is an anti-bacterial product that kills germs, mould and fungi that can breed in the pipes if left untreated. Health departments recommend that these pipes be cleaned regularly with a good degreasing product like SPA CLEAN.

For use on…

SPA CLEAN is suitable for all spa bath units in hotels, motels, fitness centres and resorts. It is also ideal for hot tubs and spa pools. You can also use SPA CLEAN to sanitise automatic dishwashers and washing machines.



In the hospitality industry, spa baths should be degreased and sanitised between each client or after each room stay.

  1. Fill the spa bath with water until the jets are covered.
  2. Add 50mls of SPA CLEAN to the water.
  3. Turn on the jest and pump.
  4. Let the jets recirculate the solution for 5 to 10 minutes, or longer if the pipes are very dirty.
  5. Turn off the pump. Drain the bath.
  6. Rinse bath with clean water.
  7. Apply SPA CLEAN to a cloth and wipe down the bath surface and surrounds.
  8. Polish dry with a clean, dry cloth.


  1. Once a week, add 25 mls of SPA CLEAN to help prevent the build-up of body fats in the pipes.
  2. When the water is changed, remove the filter cartridge and clean with strong detergent to remove all body fats. While the filter is out, add SPA CLEAN at the rate of 100 mls to every 1000 litres of spa pool water. Turn the pump on and off several times and run the filter for 15 minutes, then dump the water.

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