Decitex Spray Mopping System

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Bacteriostatic Fluid Handle:

Its slender and elegant look gives it perfect balance by distributing the weight of the liquid transported along the handle. The Fluid weighs only 600g, a featherweight in the category! Ergonomics has been thought out by its designers down to the smallest detail with a handle and a rotating globe accompanying the movements of the wrists. The opening of the ring reveals the filling hole positioned along the handle facilitating access under a tap.

The coloured tripod is positioned naturally under the fingers to activate the mechanism and release the liquid by 3 jets in front of the plate. Four colours are available for your convenience to delineate different working environments and avoid cross-contamination. The Fluid tells you at any time where you are thanks to its level indicator.

Its half-litre capacity will allow you to work on surfaces up to 140m². No need for a bucket or cart, it's the ideal mobility tool. On the stairs, the Fluid works miracles as it can also do during an emergency or extra cleaning.

Product Benefits:

  • On-board reservoir with 500ml capacity.
  • Anti-microbial treated reservoir.
  • 3 jets for easy diffusion of water/chemical.
  • Waterproof.
  • Ergonomic 40cm Aluminium Flat Mop Base.

 Aluminium Mop Head:

The lightweight Aluminium Frame has 3 main key success points. Aluminium Frame has been tested daily by professionals for more than 15 years. Made of aluminium and not only is Aluminium Frame light but also one of the slimmest on the market.

DX1 450mm Floor Pad:

Polyester Microfiber Velour technology: a Velour structure for great durability and Polyester Microfiber for greater wettability as well as high resistance to chemical products and temperature. The Polyester Microfiber Velour technology makes Dx1 a featherweight with a cleaning capacity of more than 30 m² and lower laundry costs.

Dx1 is a direct player in sustainable development due to its capacity to release almost all the water it absorbs. Water is a natural resource worth saving! But don’t worry, Dx1 loves grease, so as it releases water evenly over the floor, it holds on to the grease in its polyester microfibers so as not to spread it everywhere.

Lastly Dx1 is made to last more than 350 washes. Thanks to its range of five colours, it can be allocated by work area or facilitate logistical redistribution within your department.

Product Benefits:

  • M.P. Technology (Velvet Microfibre Polyester) - resistant to wear and chemicals.
  • For damp and dry mopping.
  • Recommended for use with: Oates 400mm Ergo Slider Flat Mop Head (MF-057) Oates 400mm Aluminium Flat Mop Head (MF-060) / Oates 400mm Aluminium Flat Mop (MF-060F).

Hypro MF 25Pk

Single use microfibre mop pads are considered the ideal solution for healthcare environments and Hypro MF is no exception. With no need to wash and clean Hypro MF is always available and provides effective HYgiene and high cleaning PROductivity every time.

Product Benefits:

  • Just by using water, HyPro MF effectively removes from hard surfaces.
  • Anti-fray overlocked edges.
  • Ultrasonic cut.
  • Floor coverage greater than 20m.
  • Full colour coding.

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