Pacvac Velo Disposable Vacuum Paper Dust 10 Bag 2.5L

Sale price$16.05



Designed to provide an additional level of filtration for better dust retention and easy disposal, leaving rooms with cleaner air.

Paper dust bags must be used in conjunction with a reusable dust bag.

  • Pacvac approved, genuine spare part.
  • Easy to remove and replace.
  • Disposable.
  • Pack of 10

This dust bag is designed for the second release of Velo (on August 5, 2022) as it includes an upgraded filtration system. This dust bag does not fit the first release Velo machine.

If you have the first release Velo machine we highly recommend upgrading the filtration system to enhance it’s performance with the new addition of a Hypercone filter and an open disposable dust bag. All the items you require to upgrade your Velo to have the new filtration can purchased as a service kit here:

If you would like to purchase the dust bags for the first release Velo machine, and it’s filtration system please contact us to place your order. Please note that these items are discontinued, and therefore will only be sold whilst stocks last.

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