Research Products Browning Treatment Carpet Cleaner (Pre-Spray)

Size: 500ml
Sale price$18.73


Download-Safety Data Sheet

Odour: Pungent odour of sulfur dioxide.

Fast acting, no rinse carpet and upholstery spotter of the removal of most browning and watermark stains. Specifically it will remove most berry stains, mercurochrome and gentian violet dyes. It can also be used as final spotter after COFFEE BREAK on urine and juice related stains.

Prepare the diluted solution 1 into 5 part of water.

  • Before use apply diluted BROWNING TREATMENT in an inconspicuous area and cover with a clean white towel. Leave for 5 mins and check the towel for colour.
  • Blot as much excess liquid as possible or remove solid soil before cleaning.
  • Apply by trigger spray or pre-spray unit and spray strongly and evenly to help penetrate to backing. DO NOT oversaturate carpet.
  • Pile-brush the area with pile rake to assist penetration and even out application.
  • Work product towards the middle of the stain with a clean white towel. DO NOT spread the stain by scrubbing with a sponge.
  • Using a clean, wet, white towel blot the treated area.
  • Do not rinse.
  • Where browning is severe, a second application may be necessary.
  • On fibres that are susceptible to browning during cleaning add 100ml to every 5 litres of water in a rinse tank.
  • Allow to dry. If residue is evident, vacuum with power head to remove.

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