Research Products Up and Out 10Kg Carpet Pre Spray Powder

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Oduor: Lemon.

Carpet pre-spray powder that delivers a brilliant clean. It is extremely effective on stains caused by soft drinks, gravy, grass, and vomit. For stubborn stains extend pre-spray soak time before rinsing.  Add hot water to measured powder as per the product label and mix to dissolve. Suitable for use with pressure sprayers, truck mount machinery and in-line spray with 8:1 metered tip.  

  • Economical powder that easily dissolves.
  • Safe on all fibre types.
  • Self-neutralising to pH 8.50 on the carpet.
  • Highly concentrated formulation compared to liquids.
  • Leaves behind a fresh lemon scent.

Application: Pre-spraying

  1. Vacuum carpet thoroughly and move furniture or place foil under legs.
  2. Prepare the pre-spray solution as directed.
  3. Pre-spray the carpet to be cleaned paying special attention to high traffic or heavily soiled areas. DO NOT saturate carpet however ensure carpet is consistently wet.
  4. Allow pre-spray to remain on the carpet for 3–5 minutes. Always work on a manageable area and DO NOT let pre-spray dry.
  5. Thoroughly extract the treated area with cold water


Heavy soil: 100g (up to 100 ml mark in a measuring cup) to each 8L of hot water.

Medium soil: 75g (up to 75 ml mark in a measuring cup) to each 8L of hot water.

Normal soil: 50g (up to 50 ml mark in a measuring cup) to each 8L of hot water.

In tank: 1kg per 25L.

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