Rubio Monocoat 1Lt Soap Clean and Protect Wooden Surfaces

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  • Product from Belgium
  • Universal Soap is a soap for the regular cleaning of all timber surfaces as this is a universal soap so it can be used on all types
  • The soap removes all dirt and grease thoroughly.
  • Without affecting the matte, natural look of the wood.
  • Highly concentrated Dilution ratio 5 to10ml into 1L of water 
  • Odour Citrus Fruits
  • PH Netural soap

  • VOC free – no chemicals

  • Made from linseed oil


  1. Remove the dust with a vacuum cleaner
  2. Paur a maximum of 50 to 100ml of Rubio Monocoat Soap in a bucket with 10L of water
  3. Clean the surface with a mop
  4. Allow to dry 


  • Clean manimum once a week with Rubio Monocoat. Cleaning too often or with too much soap may leave a thin layer on the surface, which dirt and dust may adhere to

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