Sabco Dust Control Fringe Mop 600mm

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Sabco Superior dust mop with acrylic fringe for particle pick-up and hold. Strong metal frame with sabco tech swivel fitting 25mm powder coated handle.

Superior mod-acrylic fringe for particle pick-up and hold. Hand wash in lukewarm water. No fabric softener or bleach.

Advantages Of Sabco Floor Mop:

At Crystal White, nothing is more important for our team than to listen to your cleaning requirements and offer a great product suggestion. We recommend the best dust control solutions in Melbourne to customers looking for an ideal cleaning tool for cleaning and sanitising large areas or timber and tile surfaces.

The Sabco floor mop consists of an extra wide mop head of approximately 600mm. With a 360-degree angle swivel, the mop allows the user to collect dust and debris in just a few seconds and remove excess moisture from the floors and surfaces.

The Sabco mops are made of superior quality microfibres that clean your space without leaving any streak marks. Whatever the type of surface you’ve got in your office or workspace, we’ve got you covered with our highly compatible cleaning tools and accessories. For more effective results, you can wash or replace the mop pads from time to time.


  • Superior cleaning power
  • Antibacterial pad for odour control
  • Electrostatic mop fibres to attract dust
  • Sturdy steel handle
  • Swivel action allows reaching tight corners and spaces
  • Offers wider area coverage

Still searching for dust control solutions in Melbourne? Choose Crystal White and get started today. We are proud to present a wide range of anti-bacterial dust control mops online. Discuss your cleaning requirements and get the best suggestions for mops and refill pads. Our impact-resistant mops come with a unique pedal lock and unlock systems for complete ease of use.

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