Speedy Alkaline Detergent 5Lt

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Medium Duty, Mildly Alkaline DetergentSPEEDY is an all purpose versatile, concentrated, medium duty, free rinsing mildly alkaline detergent. It is safe on painted surfaces and does not contain caustics, ammonia or other harmful ingredients. It can be used to clean all hard surfaces. It finds applications in washing floors, benches, cars or trucks wash and window cleaning.

Application:  Floor cleaning mop bucket 1 - 10% and auto scrubber 1 - 20% in a detergent tank. Apply Speedy using the most suitable method and concentration recommended. Speedy works in a HOT or COLD water but its performance increases dramatically with increasing temperature. 

Contains:   Anionic Surfactants, Non-ionic surfactants and Builder salts  less than 10%

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