Tasman Chemicals Ozo Multi Purpose Stain Remover 2Kg

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Tasman Chemicals Ozo Multi-Purpose Stain Remover is an effective and powerful solution for tough stains. The 2kg bottle contains all the necessary stain-fighting elements and provides results up to 99% of stain removal from surfaces. It is safe to use on multiple surfaces and fabrics, leaving you with spotless and stain-free surfaces.

Directions For Use 

Nappies | Whites | Colours: Dilute 50gms (2 Tablespoons) in 10Lt of warm water. Allow items to soak overnight. Follow with normal laundry wash. Always pretest colored fabrics to ensure they are colorfast. To promote stain removal and whitening, add 50gms (2 Tablespoons) to the detergent dispensers in your washing machine.

Crockery | Plastic | Kitchenware: To remove tannin or food stains from cups, cutting boards etc., Prepare a solution of 50gms to 5Lt warm water and soak for 10 minutes.

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