Tasman Hexa Foaming Hand Soap 6 X 800 Pod

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Odourless Hand Cleaner


HEXA FOAM is a foaming odourless hand cleaner formulated for the use where an efficient mild hand soap is specified.

HEXA is particularly suited for use in areas where food products are involved.

HEXA is based on mild anionic surfactants and contains a biocide and humectants to keep skin supple and reduce drying.

HEXA is a viscous clear blue liquid and is odourless.

Features and Benefits: 

  • Anti-Bacterial Action.
  • Instant Foaming-reduces time to create lather. 
  • Suitable for all Food Areas.
  • Highly Economical- only a small amount required to provide effective cleansing. 
  • Available with foaming dispenser Saves Water-no water required to create foam. 
  • Soft on the skin. 
  • Contains skin conditioning agents. 
  • AQIS Approved.

Directions for Hand Cleaning: 

Apply a small quantity of HEXA FOAM Rub in well until a rich lather is produced then rinse off with water.

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