Tonizone Furniture Polish with Lemon Oil 400g

Size: Each
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  • Lemon additive nurtures timber as well as cleaning and polishing.
  • High density product with pure bees wax provides superior coverage.
  • Excellent for timber
  • Less effort required compared to waxing
  • Silicone free

Tonizone Furniture Polish

When it comes to the prim and proper maintenance of your furniture, you need to ensure that you only use quality polishing products that gives the perfect finishing touch. It does not only protect your wooden furniture from rotting but also improve its texture and surface quality.

Tonizone furniture polish requires less time and effort as compared to furniture wax. The high-density polish is known for its long-term protection and superior coverage. This premium furniture polish is manufactured from oils and waxes that give the expected results. Enhance the natural colour of your furniture items and protect your wood grain from further damage by simply applying coats of our furniture polish.

Have dust build-up or your furniture items lost their shine? Now upgrade your commercial space by bringing up the shine and charm of your furniture. The Tonizone furniture polish works by removing even the toughest stains and dust.

At Crystalwhite Cleaning Supplies, we have Tonizone lemon furniture polish made from organic material and do not contain any harmful chemicals or fumes. We serve customers all over Melbourne and neighbouring areas.

You can go through our product review page and make a well-informed decision. For bulk orders, kindly connect with us on (03) 9383 2646. You can also leave your name and contact details and we will get back to you.

The role of polish is to add a protection layer and protect your furniture from damage. We supply branded products and equipment at the best competitive prices. We believe that providing exceptional customer service is the key to build and maintain long-lasting relationships with customers. We offer around the clock service support to provide online assistance to our clients.

Protect your furniture and tiles by adding a layer of Tonizone furniture polish. Add shine to knobs, hard surfaces and expensive furniture items made from wood, brass, veneer, and much more. From wood railings to fixtures, the polish works on every surface and gives the perfect finishing.

Benefits of furnishing polish:

  • Works on wood and timber surfaces
  • Ideal for cleaning and polishing
  • Gives instant result in less time
  • Provides complete coverage
  • Silicone free solution

Our team has the right amount of experience and skills required to help make your cleaning process easier. We understand that commercial cleaning can be time consuming and costly, our experts will help you choose the right cleaning products.

The Tonizone lemon furniture polish work on windows as well. Use a soft cloth to apply a layer of polish to make the surface slippery smooth.

Our aim is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction rate. We have a collection of high quality products supplied from established brands. We combine innovation and supreme customer service to listen to our customer’s needs and requirements.

Maintain the longevity of your furniture with our range of products that not only deliver long term results but are also available at cost-effective prices.

For free online support and technical advice on our commercial chemical products and equipment, connect with us on our website.

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