Vileda Professional PVA Microfibre Cleaning Cloth

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Size: 38cm X 35cm

PVA (Polyvinyl Alcohol) pore structure an overview of properties:

The structure of Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) originated in Germany. A compound of water soluble PVA acetalised with a catalyst. During the acetalising process, the pore forming agent is added. After a water soluble porous structure is made, the agent is then extracted. The sponge has a completely three dimensional, interconnected porous structure.

PVA pore structure benefits

The pore structure of PVA sponge is continuous. Each of its pores are interconnected thus making the PVA sponge act as a filter element. Being Hydrophilic, its feature of absorbing and retaining water is markedly greater than other materials. When in the wet state it is very elastic, flexible and soft like a natural sea sponge.

To wipe dry and clean in one single movement, you need a Vileda PVA micro cloth with high cleaning performance. This cloth has a high absorbency rate and wipes the surface dry, without leaving droplets or streaks behind. And preferably, combined in one cloth.

Choose Vileda professional PVA micro - It has these advantages built into the same durable cloth, plus adding low cost-in-use on top: PVA for absorbency and microfibre for performance. PVA has been an appreciated cloth material for window cleaning, due to excellent absorbency. Microfibre is the material for effective dirt removal.


The Vileda cleaning clothes have knitted micro-fibre for superior cleaning performance and PVA for the best possible absorption and rinsing. See the shiny and clean surface, work with minimal effort. With just one wiping movement the surface is clean and dry, which saves both time and money.

Streak-free and Scratch-free - The unique Vileda cleaning clothes make it easy to rinse out particles, when dipping and wringing the cloth. No risk for scratching delicate surfaces, plus you leave nothing behind but a clean surface without streaks. High absorbency and very low water release – that´s the professional Vileda PVA micro cloth.

Nice touch, feel and gliding Thanks to the bulkiness - Vileda professional PVA micro is very easy and comfortable to rinse and wring, with lower stress on hands. In dry condition the cloth is somewhat stiff, but once wet – after seconds in contact with water – it offers a very soft and attractive touch and feel. The microfibre cleaning performance and the elimination of after-drying, will make PVAmicro micro cloth an ideal solution for fast and effective wiping!

Guaranteed by Vileda Professional - Vileda PVA micro cloth is exclusively produced by Vileda Professional (patent pending), meaning you benefit from the high-quality products that really work where demands on cleaning result, durability, ergonomics and cost-in-use are high. Wipe dry and clean in one single movement You need a cloth with a high cleaning performance. You need a cloth with high absorbency that wipes the surface dry, without leaving droplets or streaks behind. And preferably, combined in one cloth.

PVAmicro advantages in brief Cleaning performance -The knitted microfibre of the Vileda PVA micro cloth ensures perfect results on almost all of surfaces – glass, office furniture, stainless steel and many more. Streak-free wiping. The PVA has very good water absorbency, meaning streak-free wiping without after-drying.

Durability - Vileda microfibre cloth can be washed several hundred cycles. It is also Easy to rinse. The cloth holds 40 times less particle residue after rinsing, compared to an ordinary knitted microfibre cloth. Coverage Performance. PVA micro is applying a very fine film on the wiped surface – homogenously over an area of more than 25 m2 , if needed.


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