Wagtail Glide Squeegee

Options: Glide Squeegee 14"
Sale price$56.71


Engineered for streamlined performance. The Glide Squeegee features a Pivot Control handle and a Glide Bar. The take away – use it like you would a traditional window squeegee but with more reach, flexibility, and ease on your body while you engage the pivot action.
Glide seamlessly across any window, even when the sun is in full force, the glide bar adds a level of lubrication while squeegeeing to reduce drag and enhance productivity and streak-free results. For those of us who live in hot climates, this is the solution you have been looking for.


  • The Pivot Control handle gives the user full control over pivot movement
  • Unique hydrating glide strip bar to enhance lubrication when squeegeeing to ensure a streak-free finish
  • Microfibre Glide Strip lightly washes window whilst squeegee wipes simultaneously 

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