Wholesale Caprice Duro Interleaved Hand Towel 24 X 23cm

Sale price$255.90


This Duro interleaved towel provides excellent strength, absorbency, and versatility, making it ideal for use in the healthcare and hospitality industries.

Forest Stewardship Council, FSC 148984 Mix Source, supporting responsible forestry.

  • Quantity:  6 Boxes of Interleaved Hand Towel. 
  • Size: 24cm X 23cm.
  • Folded Sheets: 23cm X 6cm.
  • Packs: 16 in a Box.
  • Sheets: 150 per pack.
  • Box Quantity: 2400 Interleaved Hand Towel.
  • Product Code: 2324CU.

Suitable Interleaved Hand Towel Dispenser:
Click to see more details: DPILW, and Black DPILBDPDR0016.

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