XPOWER 2500 Watt Super Tub Pro Dual Motor Force Pet Dryer

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XPOWER 2500 Watt Super Tub Pro Video: Click Here

The B-27 Professional Double Motor Force Dryer is the most powerful dryer you will ever use and was designed to be extremely quiet, lightweight, and powerful. With a powerful 6 HP double motor this dryer will dry the thickest coat reducing drying time and increasing income. Unlike other double motor dryers, the B-27 is remarkably quiet, protecting against hearing loss and animal trauma. The variable control switch allows for precise airflow to dry small or large breeds with short or long hair. A highly balanced motor and improved carbon brush design creates at least 40% less noise and increases the motor life of the dryer. It is also made with durable ABS plastics and comes complete with 3 styling nozzles. The protective 3-filter system keeps hair out of the motor keeping your dryer running efficiently. When you need a high-powered dryer that can take on any job, the XPOWER B-27 is ideal!

Features & Benefits Specifications:

  • Remarkably Quiet and Light.
  • Powerful dual motor 2500 Watt.
  • Variable Speed Control Switch.
  • Unit Weight: 5.9 kg.
  • Easy-to-Change and washable filters.
  • Airflow 180 CFM.
  • 2 m Cord Length.
  • 4 m heavy duty, flexible PU Hose.
  • 3 Nozzle Attachments.
  • Thermal Overheating Protection.
  • High impact and rugged ABS+PC housing.
  • 12 Month Limited Warranty.

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