Automotive Cleaning Essentials to Maintain Your Vehicle's Aesthetics

For car enthusiasts and professionals in the automotive industry, the quest for the ultimate shine and pristine condition of your vehicles has never been more achievable. With the changing seasons and the constant wear from the road, now is the right moment to arm yourself with the finest car cleaning supplies. At Crystal White Cleaning Services, we pride ourselves on offering an unparalleled selection of automotive cleaning products that cater not only to individual vehicle owners but also to automobile service centres.

Our Automotive Cleaning Supplies

Alloy Wheel Cleaner

Our Aluminium Etch Alloy Wheels Acidic Cleaner is specially formulated to combat the toughest road grime and brake dust, effortlessly restoring your wheels to their showroom shine. Safe for all types of alloy wheels, its powerful cleaning action penetrates deep, ensuring a thorough cleanse without harming the wheel's finish.

Car Interior Polish

Our Vinyl Restorer Car Interior Polish is designed to rejuvenate and protect your vehicle's interior surfaces, bringing out a natural, rich finish without leaving behind any greasy residue. Perfect for dashboards, trim, and door panels, this formula not only cleans but also shields surfaces from UV rays. It prevents fading and cracking over time, and enhances both the appearance and longevity of your vehicle's inside look.

Oil Stain Remover

Our Agar Oil Stain Remover Paste is a powerful and efficient solution for eliminating tough oil spills and stains from driveways, garage floors, and parking spaces. Specifically engineered to break down and dissolve oil particles, it ensures a deep clean, leaving surfaces spotless and residue-free. Suitable for both old and fresh spills, this environmentally friendly formula is easy to use and works wonders on a variety of surfaces.

Multi-Purpose Degreaser

Our Big Red Multi-Purpose Degreaser is a versatile cleaning powerhouse, ideal for motorcycles, tractors, trucks, and more, effortlessly tackling grease and grime on both under-bonnet components and exterior and interior surfaces. Its strong yet safe formula cuts through the toughest dirt, oil, and buildup without damaging surfaces, ensuring a thorough clean wherever it's applied.

Tyre Shine Solution

Our Vinyl Gloss Tyre Shine is the ultimate solution for achieving that desirable wet-look shine on your tyres, enhancing the overall appearance of your vehicle with a deep, rich gloss. This easy-to-apply formula not only leaves your tyres looking brand new but also provides a protective barrier against cracking, fading, and weathering, ensuring they stay looking pristine for longer.

Alkaline Detergent

Our Speedy Alkaline Detergent and Agar Truck Wash Detergent Concentrate for cars and trucks is specially formulated to tackle the toughest dirt, oil, and road grime, delivering a deep, effective clean without harming the vehicle's paint or protective coatings. Its high-strength, pH-balanced formula cuts through contaminants with ease, making it perfect for both personal and commercial use in maintaining the aesthetic appeal of cars and trucks.

Car Polishes and Protects

Our Agar Nu_Glo Polishes and Protects is the ultimate defense for your vehicle, offering advanced solutions to preserve its appearance and integrity. From paint protection that shields against scratches and UV damage, to fabric protectors that repel spills and stains, and leather conditioners that prevent fading and cracking, this product is designed with your car's longevity in mind.

Hand Cleaners and Conditioners

Our range of hand cleaners is specifically designed for automotive professionals and enthusiasts who tackle the toughest grime and grease daily. Enriched with powerful, natural cleaning agents and skin conditioners, these cleaners effectively remove oil, grease, and other stubborn substances without drying out or harming the skin. Gentle yet highly effective, they leave hands not only clean but also soft and moisturised, ensuring comfort and care even after frequent use. Our popular hand cleaners include:

Citra Soft Hand Soap Clean, Degrease and Condition Hands

Clean Plus Handy Pumice Abrasives Hand Cleaner

Agar Tools Down Industrial Workshop Hand Cleaner

Agar Mechanix Gel Hand Cleaner

Crystal White Cleaning Services is committed to providing not just superior quality cleaning solutions and equipment for the automobile industry, but also unparalleled convenience. Excitingly, we offer delivery across Australia, ensuring that no matter where you are, access to our premium car care products is just an order away. Call us now at 03 9383 2646 to know more about our automotive cleaning supplies.