Essential Cleaning Supplies for Pristine Food Processing Environments

Maintaining impeccable cleanliness and hygiene is of paramount importance in food processing plants. The rigorous standards and regulations in the industry demand a comprehensive approach to sanitation. To achieve this, the right cleaning supplies play a pivotal role in ensuring food safety, product quality, and compliance with regulations. Let's look at the essential cleaning supplies needed for food processing plants to uphold the highest standards of cleanliness and safety.

Cleaning Agents

Cleaning agents specifically designed for industrial use are essential in food processing plants. These agents are formulated to effectively remove grease, oils, proteins, and other contaminants commonly found in processing environments. They should be capable of cutting through tough residues without leaving any harmful residues behind. Some of the popular cleaning agents available are:

Agar Active Break Kitchen Degreaser

Best Canopy & Rangehood Grill Cleaner Degreaser

Apple Detergent Sink Dishwashing 15Lt Biodegradable

Grill Clean 500ml Oven, Canopy & Range Hood Cleaner

Whiteley Mr Steel 5Lt Water Based Stainless Steel Cleaner

Sanitisers and Disinfectants

Sanitising and disinfecting surfaces and equipment are crucial steps to prevent the growth of harmful microorganisms. Approved food-grade sanitisers and disinfectants are vital to eliminate bacteria, viruses, and pathogens that could compromise product quality and consumer health. Here are some of the most popular food grade sanitisers:

Agar Citrastar Kitchen Food Safe Sanitiser

Agar Single Step Food Grade Sanitiser and Cleaner

Agar Powerquat Twin Chain Sanitizer

Chlorinated Concentrated Thick Bleach

Brushes and Scrubbers

Cleaning hard-to-reach areas and equipment surfaces require the right brushes and scrubbers. Brushes with sturdy bristles and various shapes and sizes are indispensable for tackling different types of residues. Rotating scrubbers can efficiently remove built-up grime from floors and walls. Some of the best brushes and scrubbers available are:

Oates 4 Row Stainless Steel Brush

Oates Daisy Dairy Scrub Brush

Oates Floor Floor Scrubbing Brush

Oates Bannister Brush 

High-Pressure Washers

High-pressure washers are invaluable for efficiently cleaning large surfaces and equipment. They help remove stubborn residues, dirt, and debris from floors, walls, and processing equipment. These washers provide a powerful and thorough cleaning without the need for excessive water usage.

Foam-Up Cleaner

Foam-up cleaners are highly effective in cleaning vertical surfaces and equipment. They are particularly useful for cleaning walls, ceilings, and other hard-to-reach areas. It is very effective at removing fats, proteins and oils from all hard surfaces in food-processing facilities. Agar Foam Up Cleaner and Sanitiser is the best foam-up cleaner available in the market.

Mops and Buckets

Industrial-grade mops and buckets are essential for cleaning and sanitizing floors and surfaces. Microfiber mops are known for their ability to trap dirt and debris effectively, while color-coded systems prevent cross-contamination by assigning specific colors for different areas. Find the best mops and buckets below:

Oates Ezy Squeeze Bucket Wringer Blue 15 Litre

Oates Modacrylic Mops 350mm Orange

Oates Contractor Wringer Mop Bucket 15Lt

Oates Fringe Modacrylic Dust Control Mop

Sabco Dust Control Mop 600mm

Commercial Mopping Combo Mop Head with Handle

Sabco Divided Pail for Fresh and Dirty Water

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Equipping cleaning staff with appropriate PPE, including gloves, masks, and protective clothing, is crucial for their safety when working with cleaning agents and disinfectants. PPE minimizes exposure to chemicals and potential hazards. Here is the list of the best PPE for you:

Disposable Plastic Protective Shoe Covers

Medicom Premier Plus 50 Face Mask

Oates Oven Glove White Short or Elbow Length

Mask / Respirators P2 with Valve Mist / Dust / Fume

Cotton Glove 12 Pairs

Oates Liquid Resistant Long Gloves

Waste Disposal Supplies

Proper waste disposal is integral to maintaining a clean environment. Heavy-duty trash bags, waste bins, and disposal protocols ensure that waste is handled and removed in a safe and hygienic manner. Some of the best waste disposal supplies:

Oates 30 Litre Pedal Rubbish Bin Grey

Tidy Bin 20L - Grey with Flip top Lid

Oates Push or Pedal Bin 30L

HyClean Miele GN Vacuum 3D Efficiency Dustbags

Starbags AF1086S Synthetic Vacuum Cleaner Bags

Natural 100% Degradable EHD EPI 72Lt Garbage Bags

Green 100% Degradable EPI 240 Lt Rubbish Bin Bags Liner

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