Tips to Choose the Best Window Cleaning Supplies in Melbourne

Among all the backbreaking tasks that one has to do, cleaning tops the list. And when it comes to cleaning windows, the challenges are more. Using paper towels with cleaning solutions are just not enough for the job. They would only move the dirt from one place to another.

Have a window cleaning task? Nothing to worry about if you have the right cleaning tools in your hands, it will be a breeze. Now you can always walk into a store and ask for cleaning supplies, but the point is you should choose the correct supplies for efficient cleaning.

Here are some quick tips that will help you to choose the correct window cleaning supplies.

  •  Buckets

Buckets are essential for these tasks and you can buy a couple of them, each for holding different solutions and water. Choosing a small-sized bucket is better. You can easily carry it up and down a ladder or move from window to window.

  • Squeegee 

This is the next essential thing on the list. It is better to get a good quality squeegee with a metal frame paired with a replaceable rubber head that will last for years. These tools come in various sizes. You can measure the size of the windowpane and buy one.

  • Soft-bristled brush

Dust and dirt must be removed from the corners of the windowpane and a soft-bristled brush is perfect for the task. Hold the brush in your hand as you would hold it while cleaning the windows. If you feel a comfortable grip and fit you can buy it.

  •  Mop

 This is also known as a washer or wand. This comes in two pieces: A plastic T-bar and sleeve. Buying a water retention wand is a wise choice as you do not have to dip it into the water repeatedly. The handles can be fixed or swivel, though a swivel one is easy to use.

  •  Liquid soap

The best thing to clean glass is to use liquid soap. You can either use dishwashing liquid or liquid detergent. Cleaning experts say that there is no need to use special cleaning solutions. The suds in the soap show dirt and grease marks easily. You can use a squeegee to clean it off.

  • Rubber gloves

You must always wear a pair of rubber gloves while cleaning. This protects your hands from soap and other chemical cleaners. Buy a pair of rubber gloves that fits the size of your hands otherwise you may find it very uncomfortable to wear them during the cleaning process.

Some other Cleaning Supplies Include:

  • Telescopic Poles: using Eureka telescopic Poles you can reach from 4Ft - 26Ft
  • Rags: Buy lint-free rags that do not leave behind streaks.

Buying these cleaning supplies is enough to give your windows a sparklingly clean look. Now that you know how to buy the best cleaning supplies, the task will be easier to execute.

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