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While they were initially only restricted to hospitals, today you can see a hand towel dispenser in both factory setups and offices. This is because a hand towel dispenser has become an integral part of living, whether in a commercial or residential space. It is quite common to see many people buy hand towel dispensers for home purposes as it is not only highly convenient, but also a highly efficient way of getting a clean and unused hand towel instantly.

In most commercial workspaces, you are guaranteed to find a hand towel dispenser for the bathroom. This is for the simple reason that hand towel dispensers negate the need of using the same towel that is constantly hung near the mirrors of most bathrooms.

With a hand towel dispenser, you are not only able to have a much more sanitary form of cleaning, but with the wide variety of hand towel dispenser refills in the market, you don't ever need to change the dispensing machine. You simply need to keep refilling it with towels whenever they run out.

At Crystalwhite, we stock a wide range of hand towel dispensers for both commercial and residential use. So, if you need a hand towel dispenser for your home, or even a hand towel dispenser for bathrooms, then simply reach out to Crystalwhite today and we'll help you find exactly what you need.

Hand Towel Dispenser For Home

While it may be uncommon to see many people buying a hand towel dispenser for the home, it can be surprising to learn that most modern Australian homes are fitted with hand towel dispensers in their bathrooms. The reason behind this is that hand towel dispensers have started replacing the common bathroom towel or kitchen towel that is always hung up for weeks on end in areas that are particularly susceptible to a high build-up of allergens and germs.

In fact, most bathroom hand towels have been admonished for their continued use, as a high level of moisture in a bathroom can promote a build-up of bacteria that becomes dangerous for children and adults who have a compromised immune system. In these situations, hand towel dispenser refills are an absolute saviour, as you can effectively have a single-use hand towel that is immediately disposed of after one operation. This makes the hand towel dispenser for the home an integral part of ensuring that every member of your household has a higher degree of cleanliness in the bathroom and kitchen.

Furthermore, most hand towel dispenser refills are made out of recycled paper towels which has been scientifically proven to be more sanitary as compared to using hot air dryers. Hand towel dispensers for bathrooms and kitchens become a lot more environmentally friendly as they are made from recycled materials, thereby reducing your carbon footprint

The need for an electric component is also eliminated as you can simply install these hand towel dispensers on your bathroom wall and not have to worry about constantly maintaining them like hot air dryers.