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Magic sponge Heidelberg

There are some stains and patches that require specialized removal agents and equipment. The magic sponge Heidelberg is made out of microfibres and is fit for eradicating a considerable amount of dirt and stain from all types of materials. You can use the wipe to remove scrape marks, hard headed stains, and all this with just using water. It is also safe for use on wooden floors, tiles, walls, and even furniture.

Magic sponge Heidelberg is a must have for all cleaners. It is popularly used by cleaning contractors for surface cleaning in hotels, bars, offices and homes for different sorts of general cleaning. Shoe marks on floors and walls can leave tough unpleasant stains but with magic sponge Heidelberg they can be removed with ease sparing you the costs of expensive cleaning and repainting.


Simply soak the magic sponge Heidelberg in water and rub it against the stain in steady circular motion and watch the toughest of stains fade away.


Magic sponge Heidelberg is an innovative cleaning wipe that cleans with only water! It isn't layered with any chemicals whatsoever. Magic sponge Heidelberg is viable on any smooth surface including laminated wood, glass, marble, plastic, metal, fiberglass, vinyl, plaster and painted surfaces.


Magic sponge Heidelberg comes from our long range of domestic and commercial cleaning supplies that have helped individuals and businesses maintain safe and healthy environment across Australia. Crystal White is an established cleaning supplies organization with retail store in Melbourne and a vast online presence. We are committed to bringing innovative, effective and affordable cleaning products and equipment to our customers in order to make their cleaning job easier. We only deal with products (like Magic sponge Heidelberg) that have passed rigorous Australian safety standards and ardently support the environment and eco-friendly products.