5 Litre Jerry Can Plastic Container Bottle with Cap

Sale price$5.00


  • Dangerous Goods Approved Plastic
  • Clear Plastic
  • Neck Sizes: 38/410
  • Polymer Type: HDPE
  • DG- Dangerous Goods Suitable

A 5l Jerry can is manufactured and designed to store various types of liquids including petrol and kerosene and other chemicals. At Crystal White, you can discover an extended range of cans that can be easily fitted with a hose and provide a premium storage solution for lubricants and other liquids.

When you choose our 5 litre plastic containers, you’ll get the assurance that there will no spillage during the filling or transportation process. The cans are made of strong and sturdy plastic materials and offer a cost-effective storage solution across various industries. We provide high-quality and durable storage products at competitive prices.

Bottle cap colour may vary, depening on stock availability red, black or white

Our 5 litre plastic containers are suitable for holding and storing all types of liquids including strong chemicals and cleaning products. The high rated polyethylene material is what makes our containers an ideal choice for our customers. Need a Jerry container bottle? Connect with us via phone call on 03 9383 2646. You can also e-mail us your storage requirements at info@crystalwhite.com.au. The 5l container cans are used across several industries. The cans are known for their significant strength and their ability to store and load solvents safely and securely. From thinners to cleaning solutions, our containers solve all your problems. If your work involves dealing with storing and packing acids, we have got a plethora of options lined up just for you. You can never go wrong with our 5 litre plastic containers and storage solutions. Get in touch with us today for more product information.

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