Agar Bonnet Cleaner Premium Carpet Detergent

Size: 5Lt
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Odour: Fresh fragrance.

BONNET CLEANER is a premium liquid detergent for cleaning all types of carpet by the rotary bonnet method. It is a fast-reacting cleaner that releases soil quickly from carpet fibres so that they can be absorbed by the bonnet.

How Does It Work?

BONNET CLEANER is free-rinsing to leave minimal residues on the carpet, and it is fast-drying to enable commercial carpets to return to service soon after being cleaned (usually within one hour). BONNET CLEANER complies with Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 3733 for carpet cleaning systems. Bonnet cleaning is best suited for lightly to moderately soiled carpets. Heavily soiled areas should be hot water extracted to ensure complete removal of soilage.

For Use On…

BONNET CLEANER is perfect for cleaning all types of carpet.


  1. Vacuum the carpet first to remove solid soilage.
  2. Dilute 1 part BONNET CLEANER to 8 parts hot water. Pretest the solution on an inconspicuous area to make sure the carpet is colour fast.
  3. Either: a) Pre-spray a clean, dry bonnet with the solution; or b) Pre-spray the carpet with the solution (only spray a 6m x 6m area at a time); or c) Soak the bonnet in the solution then squeeze out excess moisture. It must not be dripping wet, or it will over-wet the carpet and splash the skirting boards.
  4. Fit the bonnet to a slow-speed rotary machine (150 to 300rpm) and scrub the carpet from side to side working in blocks of 2 metre square area. Keep the bonnet damp but do not over wet the carpet.
  5. When the bonnet is soiled, remove it and rinse it clean or replace it with a clean bonnet and continue.
  6. Clean around furniture and edges using a hand method.
  7. Rake the pile when finished. Do not place any furniture on wet carpet as it may cause stains. Wash and air-dry the bonnets after use.

Tips for Bonnet Cleaning

  • Never buff with a dry bonnet as this could damage the carpet.
  • Bonnet cleaning relies on starting with a clean bonnet which will absorb the greatest amount of soil.
  • Avoid ‘heeling’ the machine on the carpet.
  • Be careful on some cut-pile and coarse loop-pile carpets that the rotary action does not cause pile distortion.

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