Agar First Base Concrete Sealer

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FIRST BASE is a superior base-coat sealer that gives floors a clear, protective coating which shields them from the harsh effects of traffic wear, spillages and weathering. Because it is water-based, FIRST BASE is odourless, non-flammable and environmentally responsible. It has excellent adhesion and stops surface dusting on concrete. FIRST BASE has a high resistance to UV light and is suitable for both interior and exterior applications (but is not suitable for outdoor timber decks exposed to the rain).

How Does It Work?

FIRST BASE forms a clear film of tough acrylic inside the surface of the floor. This film keeps dirt and spillages out and stops dust from rising out of concrete. FIRST BASE is an excellent base coating because it fills the porosity in the floor and provides a smooth, even base for the topcoats to spread over. This dramatically improves the life of the film.

For Use On...

FIRST BASE is a clear, non-slip sealer designed for application to vinyl, timber, terrazzo, porous stone and concrete floors. Being water-based, it sets quicker than solvent-based sealers, so floors can return to service within hours. FIRST BASE is excellent in food storage areas where solvents are not permitted. FIRST BASE is a base-coat that is only to be used directly in contact with the bare floor


  • Surface should be clean, unpainted and free from oil, grease, dirt and flaking matter. Formwork oils must be removed. Sweep floor to remove dust and debris.
  • If necessary, scrub floor clean with HF or other Agar detergent. To remove loose and flaking material, use a wire brush or high-pressure water jet cleaner.
  • Timber floors should be stripped free from wax and acrylic polishes. Terrazzo should be fully stripped and rinsed.
  • Allow all new concrete to cure for at least 28 days before sealing.
  • On old concrete, remove all traces of mould, algae and fungi with BLEACH and rinse.
  • Very smooth concrete may be etched with a dilute (5%) hydrochloric acid (Spirits of Salts) solution and rinsed thoroughly. This will produce better sealer penetration and bonding.
  • Floors must be totally dry before applying FIRST BASE. This is very important to ensure good adhesion and clarity. If the floor is damp, the film may dry with a milky, hazy appearance. Also, the sealer may fail to bond properly to the floor.
  • Apply FIRST BASE using a brush, short nap roller, paint pad or string mop. Do not pour FIRST BASE directly onto concrete. A polish applicator may be used on terrazzo and vinyl. Give floor a generous coating but avoid puddling. The porosity of the floor will determine the actual coverage rate. Try to avoid generating bubbles. If bubbles are left, they must be broken before the sealer dries by dragging a clean, soft brush or broom across the wet film.
  • After the first coat is touch-dry, it must be left for a further 15 minutes before the next coat is laid.
  • Apply 1 coat (low-porosity floors) or 2 coats (porous floors), leaving floor to stand for 1 hour to dry between coats. Floor must not only be dry but also tack free before recoating.
  • Indoor floors may be further top coated with 2 coats of 3D-GLOSS or TUFF-GLOSS for extra protection and buffability.
  • Allow to dry for 2-3 hours before allowing light traffic, or overnight (12-24 hours) before allowing heavy traffic to use the floor.
  • Do not apply to very cold floors (10ºC or less).
  • Do not add water to this product.

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