Agar Grano Seal stone floor Sealer

Size: 5Lt
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Granoseal is a glossy mark resistant sealer for all types of stone floors including marble. Water-based, it offers great adhesion to provide a strong, clear plastic film.

Main Benefits

  • Provides a high degree of bond strength to all stone floors. It will not flake off.
  • Enhances the appearance of stone and terrazzo floors and protects them from the wear and tear of foot traffic.
  • Provides a non-slip coating.
  • Provides an excellent base for marble, terrazzo and concrete.

Product Use

GRANOSEAL is a colourless, crystal-clear, non-slip sealer designed for application to stone floors. GRANOSEAL is a water-based liquid emulsion that dries within 20-40 minutes to a glossy, hard-wearing plastic film that is highly durable and mark-resistant. It can be buffed with both conventional and UHS 2000 rpm gas buffing machines and is strippable when removal is necessary.

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