Agar Green N Gold Carpet Cleaner Detergent

Size: 5Lt
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Odour: Lemon Odour


GREEN N GOLD Carpet Detergent conforms with all statutory environmental requirements and has been made from ingredients that have been chosen to give the following properties.

  • Contains biodegradable surfactants.
  • No added phosphates.
  • pH-neutral.
  • Very low VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that can cause poor air quality, air pollution and potential allergic reactions in some individuals.
  • NO ammonia, glycol ethers, heavy metals, ozone-depleting substances, nonyl phenol ethoxylates, free caustic or chlorine.

How Does It Work?

GREEN N GOLD is a citrus-perfumed, surfactant driven, liquid detergent for hot water extraction carpet cleaning. GREEN’N’GOLD can also be used as a carpet spotter or pre-spray detergent.

Being pH neutral, GREEN N GOLD is safe to use on carpets in trains, boats and planes and will not affect aluminium, fibreglass or painted surfaces.

For Use On…

GREEN’N’GOLD is designed for use on all types of carpets including hard-to-clean, low-cost acrylics, new generation, stain-resistant nylons and pure wool or wool blend carpets as well as Persian rugs and printed carpets.


Carpet Spotting:

  • 1-part GREEN’N’GOLD to 20 parts water.

Extraction Cleaning:

  • Remove litter from carpet and vacuum if necessary.
  • Place moveable furniture on coasters.
  • Clean carpet with solutions as follows:

For Light soilage: 1 part GREEN’N’GOLD in 120 parts water.

For Medium soilage: 1 part GREEN’N’GOLD in 80 parts water.

For Heavy soilage: 1 part GREEN’N’GOLD in 40 parts water.

Avoid over-wetting the carpet. Allow carpet to dry as quickly as possible, provide ventilation where possible.


GREEN’N’GOLD can also be used as a pre-spray detergent at 1 in 20 parts water or 1 in 30 parts waters, depending on soilage. Spray solution on carpet, then extract with water in the tank.

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