Agar RF12 No Rinsing Food Grade Sanitiser Concentrate

Size: 500ml Empty Bottle
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Odour: None. 

RF-12 is a sanitiser concentrate for use in all food processing areas. When correctly diluted, RF-12 solutions do not need to be rinsed off.

Key Benefits

  • No rinsing is required after use
  • Effective on a wide range of bacteria
  • Solutions of RF-12 are non-hazardous and mild to use.
  • Application: For Rinse Free Sanitising dilute RF-12 to 1 in 20. This is 25mls per 500mls of water (50mls per litre) make up solution and apply to surface with mop, cloth or sponge.


Scrub surfaces with detergent to remove food residues then rinse and allow to drain. For rinse-free sanitising, dilute RF-12 to 1 in 20. This is 1L of RF-12 per 20L of water. This will produce a solution with 200ppm of quaternary ammonium compound.

Make up solution and apply to surface with mop, cloth or sponge. Direct contact with prescribed goods (e.g. foodstuffs) must be prevented. Leave solution in contact with surface for 5 minutes or more to kill any bacteria. Rinsing is not required, but treated surfaces should be adequately drained before processing operations resume.


Scrub surface clean with detergent, rinse and drain. Dilute RF-12 to 1 in 6 with water. This is 3.12L of RF-12 per 20L of water.

Apply solution with mop, cloth or sponge and leave in contact at least 5 minutes. Rinse well with potable water and allow to drain well before use.

Contains: Quaternary Ammonium Compound less then 10g/L.

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