Agar Sympol Clean and Re_Seals Every Day

Size: 5Lt
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SYMPOL is the centrepiece of the SYMPOL system for prolonging the life of the floor polish films on all sealed floors.

Key Benefits

  • Hard Wearing – Resists scuffing and scratching and does not take black marks.
  • No Polishing – SYMPOL does away with the weekly routine of applying a coat of sealer.
  • No Stripping – SYMPOL floors stay clean and shiny, there is no need to strip these floors.
  • Cost Savings – The SYMPOL system reduces floor maintenance costs by eliminating the need to strip floors or the extended time periods.
  • Non-foaming.

How Does It Work?

By maintaining a constant film thickness on the floor, SYMPOL eliminates costly stripping and resealing procedures. This is a great advantage in winter when very cold floors make sealer application risky. The SYMPOL film is very glossy with tremendous depth of shine. It also resists black-marking and dirt pickup and prevents powder problems.

For Use On…

SYMPOL is used to wash the floor clean and simultaneously apply floor polish in the one step. The polish applied helps to replenish the floor’s coating of floor polish which is gradually removed by foot traffic. The floor is then buffed and quickly yields a super-glossy shine.

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