Agar Toilet Bowl Clean

Size: 750ml Dispenser Bottle
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Odour: Floral fragrance

A powerful, antibacterial cleaner for toilets and urinals, BOWL CLEAN removes watermarks and stains from porcelain, ceramic and stainless-steel sinks, basins, urinals and toilet bowls.

  • Powerful 4-in-1 cleaner: cleans, kills germs, removes scale, deodorises.
  • Strong antibacterial power.
  • Thickened formula for easier cleaning.

How Does It Work?

BOWL CLEAN’s special formula will dissolve scale and rusty watermarks but will not affect stainless steel, even during periods of prolonged contact. BOWL CLEAN has a unique four-way action: it cleans, removes scale, soilage and other deposits, kills germs and deodorises all in one operation.

For Use On…

BOWL CLEAN is an antibacterial cleaner for toilets, urinals, tiled washroom floors, walls, paths, basins and shower recesses. It dissolves all types of deposits and rust from porcelain, ceramic and stainless-steel surfaces, kills household germs and leaves surfaces perfumed with a potpourri fragrance.


Toilets: Pour 40ml of BOWL CLEAN into bowl under the rim. Scrub all surfaces with a nylon toilet brush. After 5-10 minutes contact time, flush the toilet. BOWL CLEAN kills household germs when used in the recommended quantity. Not for use on the toilet seat or lid.

Urinals: Apply neat* BOWL CLEAN to the surface and scrub all with nylon brush. Leave for a few minutes to activate, then flush. BOWL CLEAN can be used neat or diluted up to 1 part BOWL CLEAN to 2 parts waters for regular cleaning.

Tiled floors and walls: Dilute BOWL CLEAN to 1 in 50.

CAUTION: NOT suitable for use on marble, terrazzo, or laminate surfaces.


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