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Apeel 500ml Odour Neutraliser

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Perfect for use in food waste dump bins, commercial buildings, sporting clubs, hospitals, hotels and motels. Also used to eliminate odours where there has been smoke, fire and water damage. Contains orange, fruit and flower by products and Manuka “Medihoney” known for its germicidal action.
  • 100% Natural Citrus and Fruit Derived
  • Non Hazardous water based formula
  • Neutralises pungent odours replacing them with a fresh combination of orange, vanilla and fruit
  • Odours are eliminated rather than being temporarily masked
  • Enhanced biodegradability
  • Natural bactericide kills germs
  • pH: 7.0 - 8.0
  • After carpet cleaning spray APEEL once in the air to leave lasting fresh fragrance.

Odour: Fruity citrus fragrance

Contains: Surfactant blend less then 6%, Essential oils less then 5%, Other non hazardous ingredients less then 6% and Water to 100%.