Bracton Twin Liquid Beerline Detergent

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Product Description:

The brewery approved a single part beer line cleaner. Bracton Twin will remove build up and bacteria from all types of draught beer lines and systems. Approved for zero-degree cleaning, Bracton Twin should be used as per instructions once a week.


  • When used weekly Bracton keeps your beelines free of beerstone and yeast buildups, therefore giving quality, good tasting beer of a constant nature. Bracton is approved by all breweries for regular, weekly, use. You should NOT alternate with any other cleaner, and your brewery representative will confirm that Bracton may always be used with no buildups or detrimental effects to equipment.
  • Bracton is fully approved for cleaning of refrigerated (zero degree) beerline systems. Bracton will not crystallise in the containers and is a stable product.

Ideal For Use On:

  • Commercial Draught Beer System.
  • Domestic Draught Beer Systems.
  • Taps and fittings as a soaking solution.

Directions For Use: Beerline and equipment cleaning instructions.

Procedure: For the correct procedure contact Customer Service at your brewery. In cases of extreme water hardness quantities could be increased by 50%. For cleaning refrigerated beelines, follow below instructions but use chemical at double strength. Not for use with older type (i.e., tinned copper) Temprites.

Mixing Instructions: Mix 100ml solution per 5 litres water. Leave solution in beerlines for 2 hours for best results and then flush.

Glass Soaking Instructions: Mix chemical as for using to clean beerlines, place mixture in soaking tub, and soak glassware for up to 10 minutes, rinse thoroughly with water. We recommend Bracton Pink Powder for best results.

Contains: Potassium Hydroxide 30 - 60% and Sodium Metasilicate Pentahydrate less than 10%. 

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