Bradfield's Air Fresheners Fragrant beads in Sachet

Fragrant: Classic Range - CK One
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Metro Range                                                Classic Range

Floral                                                                Drakkar

Frangipani                                                        Clover & Blackberry

Gorgeous                                                         Sandalwood

Lavender                                                           New Car

Lily of the Valley                                               Opium

Mango Candy                                                   CK1

Rose Garden                                                     Wildberry

Sweet Pea                                                         Vanilla

What Is the Product?

Bradfield's Fragrant Sachet air fresheners are a non-woven polypropylene fabric containing vinyl acetate beads which have been infused with fragrances to create a long-lasting scent, offering your customers a versatile value for money product. With Bradfield's own in-house perfumer developing the scents, you'll notice that the fragrances all smell natural and do not have a synthetic after-note.

How Long Do They Last?

Bradfield's guarantee that after 60 days there will still be fragrance in the sachet. Olfactory fatigue, also known as odour fatigue or nose-blindness, is the temporary, normal inability to distinguish a particular odour after a prolonged exposure to that airborne compound. This means that after a few weeks your customers will be used to the fragrance and may not notice it anymore except when they place the sachet under their nose. New people entering the area will smell the fragrance as it is new to them.

Where Are They Made?

Bradfield's Fragrant Sachets are made in Rolleston, New Zealand and have been sold through New Zealand and in parts of Australia for over 20 years.

Why Are Bradfield's Fragrant Sachets Better Than Cardboard Air Fresheners and Air Fresheners In A Can?

Unlike most cardboard air fresheners where the fragrance is simply sprayed on them, the beads inside each fragrant sachet are infused with the selected fragrance. This process means that 20% of the weight per bead is made up of pure fragrance at the time of manufacture.

Fragrant sachets are a great option for those that don't like using aerosols in enclosed spaces. As a single sachet will last 60 days.

How Can They Be Used?

The compact and simple design of the sachet allows for them to be hung discreetly throughout any location using the tie that comes with each sachet

Due to the unique way in which the fragrance is infused within the beads of each sachet, customers can use the sachets in more ways than just as a simply single location air freshener

Throughout the home - For homes with ducted systems they can be placed in the air intake vent and a pleasant light fragrance will pass throughout the home. Alternatively, customers tell us that they make fragrant zones throughout the house by hanging different fragrances in different rooms from the living room to the toilets cleaning cupboards, laundry and especially the kids bedrooms

Office - Hung under desks or in high traffic areas near bathrooms or the rubbish bin in the staff room Our top tip - Use the fragrant sachet in vacuum cleaner cleaning companies love these sachets as when placed over the exhaust filter on their vacuum cleaner as the sachet fragrances the air as they vacuum.

Car - Tucked away discreetly under the car seat allowing air to pass over the sachet each time the door is closed releasing the fragrance.

Schools - In classrooms where kids store their school bags or in the main reception area.

In rubbish bins - Placed underneath the bag or hung from under the lid, suppressing bad odours and allowing a fresh smell each time the bin is used.

Toilet blocks - Great for single use toilet cubicles.

Please ensure that do not place the sachets on furniture or painted surfaces of any kind.

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