Caprice Ultrasoft Mini Jumbo Toilet Paper Roll 115 metre long

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Australian made for a comfortable 2ply option that is small but big on reliability, choose the Ultrasoft Mini Jumbo Toilet Paper Roll in 115 metres long. This soft toilet tissue is suited for the Mini Jumbo Twin Roll Dispenser (ABS Plastic) and ideal for busy washroom areas and its compact size makes it ideal for small spaces and can fit into normal household toilet roll dispenser.

Forest Stewardship Council, FSC 148984 Mix Source, supporting responsible forestry.

  • Technology: Biodegradable Toilet Tissues.
  • Size: 95mm X 115m.
  • Packs: 18 Rolls X 115m Sheets.
  • Product Code: 115CW.

Suitable Mini Jumbo Toilet Paper Dispenser:
Click to see more details: DP2JM, and 555000.

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