Citrus Resources Orange Solv GP

Size: 500ml
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Odour: Orange fragrance. 

Water Soluble Solvent Cleaner & Carpet Spotter a multi-purpose application. Contains D-Limonene and coconut-based detergents.

  • Removes oils, grease, glue, light adhesives build-ups, chewing gum and inks from carpet and fabrics.
  • Removes Stains, glue, grease, chewing gums from car seats, interior and car fabric.
  • Water soluble with cold or hot water, leaving surfaces clean and residue free.
  • Reduced environmental impact as product ingredients are natural and renewable.

A powerful water-soluble solvent that is an alternative to strong petroleum, chlorinated or glycol ether solvents used for heavy duty cleaning and degreasing. The main applications for ORANGE SOLV-GP include grease and tar removal from engines and parts, graffiti removal from solvent resistant hard surfaces and chewing gum and stain removal from carpets. If used as a carpet spotter, it must be thoroughly rinsed to ensure all stain residues are removed.

Hard Surfaces

  1. Use NEAT.
  2. Scrape away excess soil and apply ORANGE SOLV-GP.
  3. Leave to break down soil and if necessary, gently work in with a scraper or wipe over surface.
  4. Rinse areas with water after use.

NOTE: Always pre-test before use to determine if this product is suitable for your application

Carpet Spotting

  1. Use NEAT.
  2. Pre-test ORANGE SOLV-GP on an inconspicuous area of dry carpet before use to check for colour transfer or bleeding. Dilute ORANGE SOLV-GP with equal parts water and test again if bleeding occurs.
  3. Only apply a small amount of ORANGE SOLV-GP. Apply a clean white towel or nappy and dab stains, working from the edge toward the centre. Blot stain and rinse or extract area with water to remove residue.
  4. Heavy grease stains may require ORANGE SOLV-GP to be worked in with your fingers to assist penetration. Where heavy applications are used, double rinse or extract thoroughly with water.

NOTE: Always pre-test before use to determine if this product is suitable for your application.

Printing Transport: For use as a general clean up solvent and ideal for blanket and roller cleaning. As a tar remover, engine degreaser and removes carbon-based exhaust fumes. (To remove heavy tar, build up, use Orange Solv-HD).

Contract cleaning: A graffiti remover, adhesive, paint, and ink remover. It removes chewing gum, grease and tar from carpet and hard surfaces.

Laundry: A pre-wash spotter for ink and greasy soils prior to washing.

Food industry: Ideal for smoke deposits and baked on fats.

Automotive Petroleum industry: De-waxer on new motor vehicles and an ideal parts washer followed by a water rinse and air blast. Cleans up oil or fatty deposits. (To remove heavy tar, build up oil/grease stains, use Orange Solv-HD).

Carpet cleaning: Ideal carpet spotter for tape, gum, tar, and greasy soil. Carpets should be extraction cleaned after use.

Marine: Cleaning of bilges, drill rigs or any marine application that requires a solvent cleaner.

Contains: D-limonene/orange oil less than 25%, Dipentene less than 25%, Methyl Methoxy Butanol less than 50%, Fatty Acid Diethanolamide less and 10%, Nonionic surfactant less than 10% and Other nonhazardous ingredients less than 1%

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