Oates Squeeze Mop Tilt a Matic Refill

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Some mops use sponges as opposed to yarn heads. When you have a mop that involves a sponge, this oates squeeze mop refill pack is ideal. It includes two sponges that are highly absorbent. There are multiple posts, allowing it to fit the majority of two and four post squeeze mop brands.


- Fits most 2 and 4 post mops

- Contains 2 mop heads

- Absorbent sponge


At Crystal White, we have hundreds of cleaning products in bulk. We cater to the cleaning needs of various industries including commercial and hospitality. We offer cost-effective Oates squeeze mop refill packs enabling you to continue using the mop for years to come.

Why Choose Our Oates Mop Refill?

Our mop refill packs contain wide sponges that offer optimum floor coverage. The thick sponge has a high absorbency rate and lasts longer. The sponge contains dual layers of cellulose which provides deep cleaning on all types of surfaces. The sponge absorbs excess moisture, leaving the floors dry.

The hands-free squeezing mechanism will allow you to clean the premises. The mop comes with a flexible handle, allowing you to increase or decrease its height at your convenience.

If you’re looking for an economical cleaning solution, give our Oates sponge mop refill a try.

Why Shop From Crystal White?

We at Crystal White are dedicated to offering expertly engineered and durable cleaning solutions to help our customers make their everyday cleaning job easy and less time-consuming. We bring the most innovative and advanced cleaning tools including mops, dusters, brushes, cleaners and much more.

Find a wide range of amazing cleaning tools online. Searching for Oates squeeze mop refill? Visit our product page today.

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