Starbag AF374S Synthetic Vacuum Cleaner Bags

Sale price$21.50


Synthetic Material | 5 Layers of Fabric | High Filtration | Longer Lasting | Rubber Membrane 

Suitable For:

  • MIELE S400 SERIES, WHITE PEARL, CARMEN RED CORN YELLOW, 400 SERIES, S600 SERIES, 4000, 5000, 6000, 8000 SERIES, S227-S240i, S2691-S282i, S2271, S229, S2301, S2321, S2361, S2371, S2381, S2401 AMBASSADOR, S2701, S271i FLAMENCO, S27 11 LOTUS GREEN, S2721, S2741, S275i, S2761, S2781, S278i SILVERSTAR, S280i, S280i SILVERSTAR, S2821, S290i, CAT & DOG, METEOR, SILVERSTAR, S400-456, S600-658, S800-S858, S5000-S5999, ARTICO, S8000.

Box of 5 Bags.

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