Tasman Chemicals Bowline Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Size: 5Lt
Sale price$35.31


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Odour:  Lavender.

Tasman BOWLINE Toilet Cleaner is lavender fragrance, citrus based, all-natural acid cleaner and scale remover for bathrooms and toilets. It dissolves all types of deposits and rust from porcelain, ceramic and stainless-steel surfaces, kills household germs and leaves surfaces perfumed with a lavender fragrance.


  • Shower & Bathroom Scum: Bowline should be applied neat. Apply to bath or shower, allow a few minutes to penetrate dirt and soap scum, agitate and then rinse off.
  • Sink, Bench-tops & Floors:Bowline should be diluted 1 part to 9 parts of water. Apply to surface, allow a few minutes to penetrate dirt, agitate with sponge and then rinse off.
  • Toilet & Urinals: Bowline should be applied neat to toilets bowl. Direct product inside bowl to completely coat the side of the bowl and up and under the trim. allow a few minutes to penetrate dirt, agitate and then rinse off.

Contains: Phosphoric Acid, Anionic Surfactant, Perfume, Dye less than 10% and Water greater than 60%.

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