Triumph Angles Scraper or Blade Carbon | Stainless

Variants: Triumph Angles Scraper
Sale price$55.00


Made in Denmark Triumph Angles Scraper

  • TRIUMPH MK3 with anti-slip ribs, ergonomic rubber handle etc. MK3 Straight comes with the original TRIUMPH 6-inch carbon steel blade and accepts blades of carbon steel as well as of stainless steel.
  • Scraper comes with single blade only.

Made in Denmark Triumph Replacement Blades Set 25pc

  • Stainless steel or carbon blades are far more resistant to rust and more flexible then other types of blades.
  • Replacement Carbon Steel 0.20mm.
  • Replacement Stainless Steel 0.15mm.
  • Double-edge blades, making them extremely economical in use.
  • Replacement Blades for MK2 and MK3 Professional Scraper (angled or straight)
  • Packed in a safe blade dispenser with room for worn-out blades.


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