Whiteley Zip Strip 5Lt Floor Stripper

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Zip Strip is a fast, efficient, labour saving method for removing floor finishes and wax sealers with a minimum of scrubbing. Zip Strip is a low odour ammonia free stripping system. Zip Strip is caustic free and residue free.


  • Fast Acting Butyl stripper
  • Low odour
  • Caustic and residue free
  • Liquefies old sealers on contact
  • Safe on most types of flooring

Application:  Depending upon the degree of sealer on the floor, ZIP STRIP can be diluted as follows: Heavy Build-up 1 part of Zip Strip into 4 parts of water. Moderate Build-up 1 part of Zip Strip into 6 parts of water. Light Build-up 1 part of Zip Strip into 12 parts of water.

Contains:  Ethanolamine less then 10%, 2-Butoxyethanol 10% - 30% and Ingredients deemed not to be hazardous to 100%

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