Wholesale Caprice Platinum 2 Ply Interleaved Towel 24cm x 23cm

Sale price$301.90


Enjoy superior absorbency and dependability with the Platinum 2 ply interleaved towel. It’s soft 2 ply material makes it a luxury to use and presented in smart, stylish packaging it always looks good. The interleaved design controls portions and reduces waste, making it a smart, economical choice for your business. This product is suitable for the DIL, DPILB and DPILW dispensers.

Forest Stewardship Council, FSC 148984 Mix Source, supporting responsible forestry.

  • Quantity: 6 Boxes of Interleaved Hand Towel.
  • Size: 24cm X 23cm.
  • Folded Sheet Size: 23cm x 6cm.
  • Packs: 16 X 150 Sheets.
  • Box Quantity: 2400 Interleaved Hand Towel.
  • Product Code: 2400PL.

Suitable Interleaved Hand Towel Dispenser:
Click to see more details: DPILW, and Black DPILBDPDR0016.

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