Agar CD-13 Foaming Caustic Detergent

Size: 5Lt
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Odour: No odour.

CD-13 is a high-strength foaming cleaner with powerful alkalinity for use in food-processing facilities. It is ideal for foam-gun application and works in both hard and soft water.

Key Benefits:

  • Highly reactive, potent cleaner for fat and food removal.
  • Effective in hot or cold water.
  • Breaks down fats into water-soluble by-products – So fats rinse away easily.

How Does It Work?

CD-13 is a high-foaming, caustic-based cleaner-degreaser specifically made for fat removal. It will remove fatty, oily soilage, protein, baked-on fats, carbon residues, food spillages and fatty films from most hard surfaces.

For Use On…

Walls, floors, food processing equipment, ovens, barbeques, hot plates, shower recesses, stainless steel, fan exhausts, conveyor belts, chains, utensils, butchers’ boning rooms, abattoirs, kitchens, and all food processing areas.

Not suitable for use on aluminium unless diluted below 1 in 100 with water.

Application: Do not use CD-13 on aluminium or soft metal surfaces.

Remover all food and food packaging from the area before cleaning.

Scrape off loose soil and remove.

Dilute CD-13 with hot water as follows: 

  • Foam guns/foam systems 0.75% (1in 133)
  • Scrubbing/mopping/spray-wipe 1.25% (1 in 80)
  • Heavy duty cleaning 4.0% (1 in 25)
  • Pressure-washing 5% (1 in 200)

Apply the solution by spraygun, foam-gun, mop or sponge and allow time for CD-13 to dissolve soilage. Scrub with scour pad if necessary. 

Rinse product-contacting surfaces with potable water after cleaning. 

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