Agar Once Off Tile Floor Cleaner

Size: 5Lt
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Odour: No Odour. 

ONCE OFF is a superior strength, heavy-duty tile cleaner specially made for removing stubborn, ingrained dirt from ceramic, porcelain, and quarry tiles that are difficult to clean. Many of these types of tile have tiny holes or pores in the surface. Dirt collects in these holes and gives the tiles a greying appearance.

Where ordinary detergents are ineffective on difficult to clean tiles, ONCE OFF is excellent. Its powerful, deep-cleaning and penetrating action draws the soil out of these tiles. ONCE OFF may also be used to clean concrete, bluestone, sandstone, terracotta, and clay or concrete pavers. It is ideal for use on floors in shopping centres, toilets, shower rooms, kitchens and car parks.

ONCE OFF is designed for use with single brush rotary machines, although it may also be used for mopping, scrubbing and pressure washing.

Key Benefits

  • Superior strength heavy-duty tile cleaner.
  • Cleans first time round – reduce labour.
  • Economical – dilutable to 1:120.
  • Low foaming for auto scrubbers.
  • Refreshes old, dirty tiles to look new again!


Caution: ONCE OFF can be slippery on smooth tiles. Wear rubber boots with safety treads to avoid slipping. Always DILUTE ONCE OFF BEFORE applying it to floors. Do not allow the solution to come into contact with aluminium, brass, floor polish, marble, terrazzo, wood or carpet. If splashed on any of these surfaces, wash it off immediately. Read the Safety Data Sheet before using this product.

Heavy Duty Scrubbing and initial cleans: Dilute 1 part ONCE OFF to 10 parts waters. Pour mixture liberally over floor, scrub with a brush or auto scrubber and allow to soak for 10 minutes. Pick up dirty solution and rinse floor.

Heavy Duty Cleaning: 1 part ONCE OFF to 60 parts water, approximately 2/3 cup ONCE OFF in a 10L bucket of water, 1L ONCE OFF in a small auto scrubber, 2L ONCE OFF in a large auto scrubber.

Light Duty Cleaning: 1 part ONCE OFF in a 120 parts water, approximately 1/3 cup ONCE OFF in a 10L Bucket of water, ½L ONCE OFF in a small auto scrubber, 1L ONCE OFF in a large auto scrubber

Contains: Sodium Hydroxide 10 to 30%, Phosphonate salt less than 10%, EDTA, tetrasodium salt less than 10%, Nonionic surfactants less than 10%, Other non hazardous ingredients less than 10% and water to 100%

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