Agar Stone Block Penetrating Sealer

Size: 5Lt
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A penetrating sealer that applies an invisible and breathable barrier within the micro-porous surface of all uncoated, natural stones, pavers and tiles. This sealant helps to repel dirt, stains and spills, so the stone will retain its original appearance. This invisible barrier blocks stains from penetrating the surface, and allows you time to mop up liquid spillages before they can stain the stone or tile.

Key Benefits

  • Repels surface stains & dirt
  • Does not change existing appearance of stone or tiles
  • Makes cleaning easier
  • Ideal for use both indoors & outdoors
  • Long-lasting, durable protection
  • Practically odourless
  • Environmentally preferable

How Does It Work?

STONE BLOCK incorporates fluorochemical polymers in a water-based dispersion. When dry, these polymers cross-link to form a barrier to soil penetration with exceptional resistance to oil and water-based stains, as well as dirt, graffiti, efflorescence and other surface deposits.

For Use On …

STONE BLOCK provides excellent protection for granite, bluestone, marble, terrazzo, limestone, brick, slate, pavers (concrete or terracotta), quarry tiles, sandstone, sadler tiles and concrete. It is therefore suitable for floors, walls, kitchen benches, countertops, bars, and even sculptural pieces.

STONE BLOCK finds application in bathrooms, kitchens, shopping centres, building facades, balconies, paved areas and hotel foyers. NOTE: STONE BLOCK is designed for use on stone surfaces with fine pores. Stones or tiles with large visible pores, gas bubbles or crevices may trap dirt in these cavities. STONE BLOCK will not fill up such holes, large pores or crevices. Please ask your Agar Representative to advise you on the best product for such surfaces, including extremely porous sandstone and bluestone.

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