EcoGreen CleanAir 100g Control Odour

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Odour: Fragrant Odour Lasts up to 8 weeks.

Refreshing the air indoors with extracts from the outdoors; long life, low impact, great subtle fragrance.

Scientifically selected blend of essential oils, selected oils complement each other and collectively enhance the overall performance such as improving fragrance lifespan, efficacy windows and combating fragrance fatigue.

Odour control: A blend of essential oils with anti-bacterial and anti-mould properties to control odours and biological sources of odour.

Long lasting: Lasts up to 8 weeks at room temperature (25°C) with steady gentle airflow.

Sustained release: A unique 2-phase (gel/liquid) formulation regulates output releasing less actives when it's concentrated and more as it weakens to ensure steady continuous output.

Suitable for use in: Office, washroom, laundry, car, wardrobe, home, lockers & kennels. Combine CleanAir's odour-neutralizing benefits with the captivating fragrance of Ecogreen Enhance Air to completely transform the way a room smells.

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