Edco Lint Free Microfibre Window Cleaning Cloths

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For the ultimate cleaning experience, choose our lint free cloth in Australia. These clothes do not contain any lint or short fibres, thus offering a cleaning product for everyday use.

Lint free cloth for staining products are engineered to work as an excellent absorber; they offer the perfect combination of performance and durability to those looking for a cost-effective and reusable cleaning solution. The lint free cloths can also be used to polish objects.


Microfibre traps particles and oils
Smooth weave to glide over glass
Use dry only with or without chemicals
Cleans most glass surfaces, windows and mirrors 
Suitable for auto, marine and aviation cleaning
Washable and reusable
Dimensions: W400 x D400mm

Whether it is the interior of your vehicle or electronics, our lint cloth can be used for a variety of high-end cleaning applications. The best thing about our multi-purpose cleaning product is that it can be reused.

For precise spot removal treatment, choose our lint free cloth and watch as you receive the perfect cleaning results in no time. The cloth does not leave any traces of lint behind and helps retain the original colour and shine of the surface you are about to clean. The cloth can be easily washed with detergent, thus offering a more long-lasting and reliable cleaning solution to you than paper cleaning products which needs to be disposed of after every use.

Looking for effective spot and spills treatment? Let the team at Crystal White help you pick out the right product for you. We’ve been an important part of the cleaning industry for over 30 years. We bring a wide range of cleaning tools, equipment, accessories and practical solutions to help clients create a germ-free environment. Call us today for further information.

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