Green Plus Orange Fresh 1Lt Spray and Wipe Multi Purpose Cleaner

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Odour: Citrus Fragrance. 

Readily Biodegradable | Phosphate Free

Orange Fresh is an orange slightly viscus liquid with a pleasant citrus fragrance it is ideally suited for use in Commercial cleaning, Hospitals, schools, Nursing homes and Residential premises, Tough on grease and grime, safe for use in Childcare centers and safe for the environment. Orange Fresh can be used as a spray and wipe, or in a mop bucket for floor cleaning, ideal for removing pen marks on desks, spray, and wipe cafeteria tables, mopping up food spills, leaving the floor sparkling clean with a hint of fresh soft citrus. Can be used on all surfaces not affected by water.

  • Concentrated Formula.
  • Low Foaming.
  • Fast Acting highly concentrated Natural Spray and wipe cleaner.
  • Wetting agents penetrate deep into pores cracks and crevices helping to lift out dirt.

Environmental Aspects:

  • PF- Phosphate Free
  • Biodegradable Surfactants
  • Natural ingredients from renewable
  • resources
  • Safe for food preparation areas

Directions For Use:

  • Heavy carbon-based soils on Stoves, rotisseries, use neat leave for 5 to 10 minutes agitate with a scouring pad, wipe off with clean cloth and fresh water.
  • Heavy duty spray and wipe 1 part Orange clean to 10 parts waters.
  • Medium duty spray and wipe 1 part Orange Clean to 20 parts waters.
  • Floor mopping 1 part to 50 parts water Floor mopping.
  • Light duty 1 part to 150 parts waters (Ph Neutral) safe on all polished floors


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