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Shoulder Sink Portable Hand Hygiene Station

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Why use Shoulder Sink?

Water and soap have always been the best way to clean your hands. WHO, CDC, and many other health organizations recommend water and soap as the best solution for dirty hands. Hand rub or ethanol are best used on clean hands.

Why soap and water?

Your hands are your interface to the physical world. Everything you touch, everything you need to move, everyone you need to touch. You may think you know ‘where your hand has been’… But just imagine that on average you touch your face 2-3.000 times per day. What else have you been touching without noticing?


Using wet wipes or sanitizer on dirty hands will simply smear the dirt around. Using soap and water is the best way to clean dirty hands before disinfecting. WHO also recommends water and soap for dirty hands – here you can see their recommendations for effectively washing hands.


Shoulder Sink is the only solution where you have everything in one. It is compact, it is easy and convenient to use – and it is easy to bring along to where it is needed.

Shoulder Sink is a mobile hand hygiene station that gives the user access to a compact, portable washing station for a complete hand wash and cleaning solution wherever and whenever needed.

***The unit is packed with empty Soap Bottle, empty Sanitiser/Loution Bottle, and Paper Towel Roll.*** 


Length                                    36cm (with hose 46cm)

Width                                     17.5cm

Height                                    32cm

Weight                                   0.6kg -7.2kg

Volume                                  4.7Lt

No of Handwashes               35-50

Products                                Grit /Hand Soap, Sanitiser, Paper

Material                                 HDPE, ABS, PP

Cleaning                                 The unit can be washed outside with hot water and soap

Internally it can be cleaned with a chlorine tablet every ½ year or as needed.



Length                    19.2cm

Width                     16.2cm

Height                    25.5cm

Weight                   0.9kg

Material                 Iron Bracket / Polyester Strap



Tank: HDPE Very UV resistant.

Cover: PP with UV resistant additive

For outdoor use in Sunlight, the cover can last 5 years, colour however may fade a bit.

Note: Cover can easily be replaced.

Hose: POM Less UV resistant.


The hose will deteriorate over the years, when used outdoor in direct sunlight. However, it is a wear part and can easily be replaced. Replacement kits can be purchased including hose, inner tube and seal fitting. Only a spanner is needed to fit it.