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Starbag AF156S Vacuum Cleaner Bags Online

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Searching for Starbag vacuum cleaner bags? Look no further than the vacuum bags and products offered by Crystal White. As you use your vacuum cleaner every day, the dirt and debris pass through a vacuum cleaner bag. This particular bag made of porous materials acts as a filter, allowing the dust to get settled in the bag itself.

data-mce-fragment="1">Synthetic Meterial | 5 Layers of Fabric | High Filtration | Longer Lasting | Rubber Membrane

Our Starbag vacuum bags will Suit Modles: 

  • Aquavac - 1200 Powervac
  • GPI - L2580EP, L2580EPV
  • Hoover - S4200 Series
  • Karcher - NT 35/ 1
  • Rockworth - RW-WDV30L
  • Vacmaster - 30 Litre, VB1430SWDC, VMVQ1530SWDC, RW-WDV30L
  • Box of 5 Bags
  • Rubber Membrane
  • Open-ended bag
  • Unbleached filter paper

Find Vacuum Cleaner Bags Online Only At Crystal White

If you’re looking for micro-filtered and durable vacuum cleaner bags, you won’t be disappointed with our selection. The burst-proof bags are made of high-quality materials which prevent the bag from bursting even if the weight of debris is too much. The bags collect dust and protect your vacuum cleaner’s motor thus increasing its shelf life.

You can shop for our tear resilient cleaner bags with an exceptional air filter capacity anytime from our online website.

At Crystal White, we strive to offer our customers an extensive range of Starbag vacuum cleaner bags designed for both wet and dry vacuum cleaners. We offer our products with clear product descriptions and prices to help you make a well-informed purchasing decision when it comes to choosing a suitable cleaning solution for your space.