Whiteley Clear Reflection 5Lt Glass Cleaner

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Clear Reflections 5Lt window cleaner contains a quick, efficient detergent system that rapidly penetrates and dislodges dirt, dust, and other soils on windows. It leaves a streak free surface on glass and most other surfaces. Clear Reflections may also be used on surfaces such as computer and T.V monitors, stainless steel, Formica, whiteboards, and many other surfaces. Novel detergent system ensures a minimum amount of elbow grease in cleaning.

Clear Reflections may also be used as a spray and wipe for cleaning desk and counter tops in office environments. The boosted alkalinity in Clear Reflections makes it ideal for use as a multitask spray & wipe for poker machines. Clear Reflections will effectively remove stains from alcohol and tobacco residues leaving poker machines with a streak free clean.

  • Streak free cleaner.
  • Boosted alkalinity for multipurpose use.
  • Multi-task cleaning formula.
  • Fast acting ensures a quick and easy clean.

Directions For Use: Use Neat. Clear Reflections may be applied using a spray and a clean damp cloth or by using a squeegee and a bucket of Clear Reflections.

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